1950-е годы - Уверенность в успехе

Confidence in a vision.

Insinööritoimisto Ensio Miettinen was founded by a young, self-reliant engineer in 1958: "Of course I was sure I would succeed! I knew the business inside out". Ensio had worked for several years in his father's Engineering Company, before launching his own business. He was confident that his business of turning small metal components will eventually become something bigger.

Finland to stand at her own feet

After the war, Finland was in need of almost everything. Ensio Miettinen realised that the only way to get anything is to do it. By yourself.

Knowledge from Germany

Miettinen gathered knowledge and ideas from German engineers. In the fifties Germany was in the forefront of European technical engineering. Always when coming upon an unfamiliar technical product he asked himself: "Who manufactures these in Finland?" Very often the answer was: "Nobody".

The idea of reduction and a shrewd strategy

Machinery that existed in Germany was taken into use in Finland, in one tenth of the volume. The company concentrated on products the big industrial plants didn't consider feasible to produce. Thus, every product in those years filled gaps on the market.