Кабель нагревательный

GTIN 6438100353896
Название Кабель нагревательный Tassu
Floor heating cable 9m, 1,3-2,5 m², 200W/230V, 20W/m, M2, dimension 4,9x7,8mm, cold lead 3m, min installing temp. -5°C, earthed twin conductor cable.
Описание Tassu is a strong heating cable primarily used for partial heat storing or direct under floor heating of new concreate floors. The cable belongs to the stronger mechanical strength class M2, so the cable can be fixed direct to the reinforcement mesh. Tassu must be installed inside concrete, or similar material with thermal conductivity about the same, min 5 cm deep so the floor surface temperature will be even. Flooring can be ceramic tiles, parquet or laminate. Recommended power 80–150 W/m².
Вендор Ensto Building Systems Finland Oy
Марка Tassu
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