Insulation piercing connector

Code SLIW66.57
GTIN 6438100322359
Name Insulation piercing connector
Multitap connector with IPC, 25-150 mm² / 2x6-35 mm²
Description Multitap connector SLIW66 with universal insulation piercing connector SLIW57. SLIW66.57 is for use with aluminium or copper conductors. Connector is design enable to facilitate several out-going conductors up to 1000 V a.c. Each branch conductor can be connected with a separate screw. Test voltage 6 kV/50 Hz/1 min in water. Connector's design enables hot line installation without peeling insulation from conductor.


  • Made of hard, corrosion resistant aluminium alloy
  • Tested according to international and many national standards
  • Tin-plated aluminium teeth
  • Waterproof