Ensto Chago Server

Web based charging point management software for systems with less than 1000 charging points. Functions include user management, charging point management, event logging, reports on charged energy, fault alarms and reports.

Technical functions
Control of up to 1000 charging points
Real-time map for easy charging station location
Remote test for residual current device
Charging station control settings: master key, maximum current etc.
Charging point remote control: start/stop charging, service mode, remote software updates
End user authentication
Easy charging station managemenent through creation of nested groups
OCPP Gateway to OCPP Central System

Chago Server is available as:
Lisence software, installed in customer server, administrated by customer
Cloud service (SaaS), administrated by Ensto Chago

Minimum system requirements for server installation
Operating systems: Windows Server 2008 R2 or newer
Memory: 2 GB RAM (6GB for EVS1.1000) or higher according to operating system's minimium requirements
Processors: 1 GHz processor or higher according to the operating system's minimium requirements
Free hard disk: 20 GB (200GB for EVS1.1000)
Network: TCP/IP internet connection, minimium speed 8Mbps downlink, 1 Mbps uplink