Combination thermostats

Combination thermostat can be used as a combination thermostat or only either as a room thermostat or floor heating thermostat. Combination thermostat for room-specific temperature adjustment. Nominal current 16 A res. Max 3600 W. 230 V, +10 %...-15 %. 50 Hz. Control voltage 230 V. Regulation range floor +10°C...+50°C, room +5°C...+35°C. Temperature drop 0...-15°C. Temperature increase 0...+5°C. Floor min temperature limit +5-40°C. Floor max temperature limit +25-50°C. NTC sensor 4 m, max diameter 7,5 mm, can be extended 10 m MMJ 2 x 1,5 mm². Sensor 47 kohm / 25°C. Operating temperature range -20°C...+30°C. 2-pole switch mechanism, IP30.