Modern and high quality EV charging products

We are a leading expert in developing and manufacturing high quality charging products and services for electric vehicles. At Ensto, we focus on supporting a secure and reliable EV charging infrastructure in all scenarios. Whether your interest is in public EV charging, commercial business, or at home  – we have the right solution for you.

Ensto One Home

Ensto One Home makes your EV charging easy and safe. Elegant and durable charging unit is a key to super electric driving experience. Fixed cable is always available for you to use.

  • Enclosures polycarbonate (PC) plastic
  • Fixed, 5 m cable with Type 2 plug and integrated
    plug holder
  • Two current versions 16A and 32A, 1 phase
  • IP54, IK10
  • Ambient temperature range -40…+50 °C
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Ensto eFiller

Ensto eFiller makes charging an electric vehicle safe and easy. Designed for home use, it comes complete with all the features required for the hassle-free and reliable charging of hybrid and electric cars.

  • Cast aluminium frame, stainless steel front panel
  • Fixed, 4.5-meter charging cable
  • One-phase and three-phase models
  • IP44, IK10
  • Operating temperature -30…+50 °C
  • Wall-mounted plug holder
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Ensto Wallbox

The Wallbox is a modular solution for dual EV charging. Its compact and user-friendly design makes it a perfect choice for daily charging in private.

  • Compact design delivering a powerful charge (2x22kW, Type 2)
  • Easy-to-use 
  • Mode 3 lock release in case of electricity outage
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Ensto PRO

Ensto Pro is smart, durable, and designed to deliver reliable charging in any business in any environment. An easy-to-use, long lifetime AC charging station for public and semi-public EV charging. 

  • Low lifecycle costs
  • High-quality, robust steel structure
  • Powerful charge (2x22kW, Type2)
  • Built-in RCD Type A and Main Circuit Breaker (MCB)
  • Load Management
  • Products recommended
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Ensto Media

First class solution for combining EV charging and outdoor advertising. Ensto Media is an ideal fit at boulevards, crowded city streets, shopping malls, parking spaces and all popular public places.

  • Digital 46´ outdoor screen
  • Extremely durable structure 
  • Load management
  • Powerful charge (2x22kW, Type2)
  • Built-in RCD Type A and Main Circuit Breaker (MCB)
  • Recommended product
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Ensto EV Manager

EV Manager is an intuitive user-interface that enables quick and efficient management, operation, and control of electric vehicle users and charging stations as well as user-based consumption data reporting.

  • Connection capability to Ensto EV chargers for 3rd party solutions
  • Detailed overview of all charging sessions and users 
  • Easy-to-use functionalities
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