Distribution and control units

These units are designed and manufactured individually to meet the customer’s project-specific needs. They are given product-specific sale and production codes during the project. The unit’s structure enables any projectspecific control solutions selected by the designer. We always assess the feasibility of the solution in advance on the basis of the designer’s plan. The unit may include components such as circuit breakers, residual-current devices, contactors, bus-control components (including DALI and KNX), control modules, energy meters and other components defined by the customer. The bus-control components have installation-coupler connectivity. The system may also be pre-programmed, making on-site installation quick and easy. The units, which carry position markings, are mounted in the wiring duct on a cable shelf, lighting rails or wall structures. To make the most of the EnstoNet-compatible control and distribution units, they should be installed in a way that enables power supply directly from a power busbar system.