6-pole EnstoNet T-connector with wires

The NGJDM633 T-connector is used in connecting the operating voltage and the control signal to the light fitting. The T-connector is fixed to the light fitting with a M20 cable gland and a counter screw. The operating voltage is supplied with three stranded 1,5 mm² connecting wires and the control signal with two 1,5 mm² connecting wires. NGJDM633M has an extra white wire for permanent live to emergency fittings. The length of the connecting wires is 250 mm. The T-connector is supplied assembled and equipped with NAC31H2.W, NAC32H2.W, NBC31H1.S and NBC32H1.S -couplers. From the T-connector, the operating voltage and the control signal are continued to the next light fitting with a separate 6-pole cableset. The cableset parts must be ordered separately. Weight 129,0 g