6-pole Enstonet T-connector box with cable

The NGJDM633S T-connectors are used for connecting light fittings or other devices to a 6-pole circuit. The T-connectors have a 0,4 m cable drop which is connected to the fitting. There are two different versions available. The standard version NGJDM633S with 5G1,0 cable drop has apart from live earth and neutral, two wires for control signal in black and red. The NGJDM633SM has a 6G1,0 cable drop with the extra white wire for permanent live to emergency fittings. The T-connector is supplied pre-assembled with NAC31H2.W, NAC32H2.W, NBC31H1.S and NBC32H1.S connectors. The 6-pole T-connectors are connected to the circuit with cable sets that have to be ordered separately. Weight of T-connector 129,0 g.