3-pole narrow screwless couplers without strain-relief

For stranded and solid wires. Wire cross-sections: main terminals 2 x 0,5-2,5 mm², auxiliary terminals 1 x 0,5-1,0 mm². Stripping of the wires: main terminals: wire cross-sections: 0,5 mm²-1,5 mm²: stripping: 8-12 mm, wire cross-sections: 2,5 mm²: stripping: 9-12 mm, auxiliary terminals: stripping: 8-12 mm. Weight: plug 17,5 g, socket 17,5 g. Coupler width 28 mm. Other dimensions identical to respective versions with locking latches on the sides of the coupler. The separate locking device NK3F.W is delivered with the plug. Pole markings in parentheses.