Varmekabel, selvbegrensende

Kode EFPO20.250
GTIN 6418677639197
Navn Varmekabel, selvbegrensende OptiHeat
Self-regulating heating cable 20W/m/10֯C, 230V, dim 5,8x14,1mm, black, min bending radius 25 mm, min installation temp -5°C, drum 250 m, earthed.
Beskrivelse Self-regulating heating cable for frost protection of rainwater systems, roofs and small stairs. Power of the cable, on pipe is about 20W/m/10֯C and 26W/m/0֯C, in water 40W/m/0֯C. The outer jacket of the cable is UV-protected so it can be exposed to sun light. The cable is available on drums so it is easy the make a suitable frost protection solution. It is recommended to use always a thermostat, e.g. ECO910. For the fixing and connection of the cable, there is a wide range of accessories.
Selger Ensto Building Systems Finland Oy
Brand OptiHeat