Компл. зазем. для соед. муфты

Тип SJEW13
GTIN 6438100307141
Название Компл. зазем. для соед. муфты
12/20 (24) kV 3x1x-3x1x/Cu AHXAMK-W 3x single core to 3x single core with copper wire shield
Описание The additional kit is used when jointing of max. 24 kV single core cables with copper wire shield to AHXAMK-W cables. The kit can also be used, when it is necessary to connect the AHXAMK-W cable Al-tape to the earth conductor. HJW11 type basic kit is needed. The kit includes all the additional components needed for jointing: sealing mastic, copper outlet conductors, earth conductor connectors.
Вендор Ensto Finland Oy
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