Giunta autorestringente

Type CJ11.2403C
GTIN 6438100300548
Name Giunta autorestringente
6/10 (12) kV 95-240 mm² 12/20 (24) kV 70-240 mm² 1x-1x core with connector
Description The joint kit is used for jointing of max. 24 kV cables with XLPE insulation and copper wire shield. The kit is suitable for single core cables, containing the components for one core. The kit includes a shear head bolt cable connectors suitable for both aluminium and copper conductors, and all the components needed for jointing: mastics, tapes, cleaning materials, cold shrink insulating tubes with integrated stress control elements and silicon outer tube loaded on spiral. The kit contains a


  • Easy installation – most critical components integrated in one body.
  • Spiral technology – easy to apply to a wide range of cables.
  • Integrated geometric stress control – most reliable operation in all networks.
  • No special tools needed.
  • Adapts to temperature variations.