Frost protection cable

Type TASH0.1
GTIN 6410004301500
Nome Frost protection cable Tash
Frost protection cable 0,1ohm/m,230V/400V,max current 16A,M2, max temp 80°C, diam.6mm, min install. temp -5°C, drum 2500m, earthed, single conductor.
Descrizione Reliable and efficient single-conductor constant wattage cable for frost protection of ground areas, pipes, rainwater systems, stairs and ramps. Max load 30 W/m in concrete, 25 W/m in sand, 20 W/m on a metal pipe and 10W/m on a plastic pipe. The outer jacket of the Tash cable is UV-protected. Tash is available on drums so it is easy the make a frost protection solution. It is recommended to use always a thermostat, e.g.ECO900. For the fixing and connection, there is a wide range of accessories.
Fornitore Ensto Building Systems Finland Oy
Brand Tash