Frost protection thermostat

Type ECO900
GTIN 6418677630866
Nome Frost protection thermostat ECO
Frost protection control device 230V/16A/3600W. LCD-screen. Alarm 2A. Sensors for ground areas and rain water systems. DIN rail, 6M, 106x90x58mm.
Descrizione Device is designed for frost protection of big ground areas and roof rain water systems. In ground areas, a sensor pair ECOA901+ECOA902, which both must be installed into the ground, controls the heating and in rain water systems a sensor pair ECOA903+ECOA904. ECOA903 must be installed into gutter and ECOA904 into open air. Sensors are delivered separately. User can set up from the screen the frost protection rules, language settings, monitor hour meter, set up post heating and manual heating.
Fornitore Ensto Building Systems Finland Oy
Brand ECO
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