Heater accessory

GTIN 6438100339289
Nome Heater accessory Tupa
Spare part thermostat for Taso, Roti, Peta or Lista heater (5-30°C). It can be assembled to a heater where is ELTE4 or ELTE5 thermostat
Descrizione Ecodesign compatible thermostat to Tupa-heater series. Thermostat can be adjusted direct from the wheel or from downloadable Bluetooth-application where the main features are week calendar, boost, vacation settings and monitoring of the energy consumption. It is possible to connect parallel heaters to thermostat, there is an intelligent temperature change feature from external voltage (factory setting 10 ֯C) and thermostat can control wirelessly other Ensto Bluetooth heaters, max. 10 pce
Fornitore Legrand Finland Oy
Brand Tupa
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