Thermostat accessory

Type ECOAC-44
GTIN 6438100369286
Nome Thermostat accessory ECO
Splash proof cover for ECO thermostats, IP44
Descrizione Splash proof cover for ECO-floor heating thermostat. Compatible with ECO10FJ, ECO16FRJ and ECO16BT-J thermostats and also ECO10BTW-J and ECO16FJW, which are thermostats with RCCB. Thermostat can be installed by means of ECOAC-44 closer to the water tap into areas which requires protection class IP44. Lid is fixed with a hinge to frame so it is easy to lift up and use the thermostat if needed. Lid is transparent and matt finished so it works also as a sight-screen for the thermostat.
Vendor Ensto Building Systems Finland Oy
Brand ECO
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