Solutions for tower block electrifications

More than 50 years of experience in energy efficient solutions for the most challenging Nordic climate, quality standards and legislation in mind. 

Responsible electrification, satisfied customers – this is how we do it.

  • Safety - For us, the most important thing is safety
  • The functionality - We know what you need
  • Reliability - it's important to make things right the first time

Distribution boards

We design things to last.

Ensto's distribution centers and IT enclosures are well-known all over Finland for easy installation features and clarity - and stylish design. They are the reliable choice for renovations in apartment buildings, complying with all Scandinavian regulations.

Panel boards (Only available in Finnish)

Frost protection

We design things to work.

The safety of passageways and frost protection of rainwater systems is primarily the responsibility of building management. Hanging icicles and icy walkways are a danger to pedestrians. In addition, the broken ice in the power of gutters and pipes often result in costly moisture damage to the house structure. Frost protection is necessary for preventive maintenance of the property.

Frost protection products


We bring heat, so you can enjoy.

The warm bathroom floor under your feet is more than just a gentle good morning greeting. Floor heating keeps the spaces in good condition and increases the comfort of living. Electric floor heating ensures that the damp areas remain dry and prevent the structures from mold. Installation should ideally be done in connection with the renovation of the bathroom  

Floor heating products


Reduce costs – add safety and comfort

With the optimal lighting solution, you can reduce your energy costs by up to 80% per year. This means significant savings. The most cost-effective lighting solution is the connection Ensto LED lamps to motion detection-based control. When it comes to luminaires, there are two techniques: PIR (reacts to movement of different temperatures) and radar (reacts to all movement). Different motion detection techniques can be combined, depending on your property for your needs.

Lighting products

Ensto makes EV charging smarter for everyone!

Ensto is a leading expert in developing and manufacturing high quality charging products and services for electric vehicles. Ensto EV charging points and services are based on the principle of simplicity and effortless Finnish design. Our electric vehicle charging stations are reliable, durable and rigorously tested in extreme Nordic conditions.

We focus on Smart EV charging, and we mean that literally. With Smart Grid-ready products and cloud-based services, our environmentally friendly EV solutions are designed to make life better for you and your business.