EnstoNet is made for the electrification projects of hypermarkets

The prefabricated electrification system is designed for each location to meet its needs. The system arrives at the work site ready for installation. The packages are clearly marked with position numbers, and the assembly is easily carried out with plug connections.

Assembly by modules is simple and saves time, which benefits both developers and contractors. The method is excellently suited for replacing the traditional electrical installation at sites where the time required for electrification must be cut down and to facilitate carrying out the subsequent changes. 


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Project information

  • Project start: 11 / 2015
  • Buildingarea: 43 000 m²
  • Projectfinished: 4 / 2016
  • Installation time (2 electricians): 10 days
  • Decentralized Plugi panel boads: 46 pcs
  • Cable sets (various lenghts): 1230 pcs
  • EnstoNet Intro socket outlets: 468 pcs
  • And lots of EnstoNet distributors

Construction phase

  • EnstoNet products and Philips linear luminaires were installed module by module to hypermarket.
  • All circuits may be electrified as installation progresses.
  • Prefabricated cable sets and EnstoNet components do not create any waste at site.
  • Dangerous sharp tools are not needed and working at heights is minimized.
  • 3 different EnstoNet Plugi panel boards were created for the project. One for luminaires and two for socket outlet circuits.
  • Panel boards (50 amps) were supplied from bus bar system. Each Plugi unit was equipped with Schneider fused bus bar connector.
  • Controlling was handled with Honeywell control logic and integrated inside Plugi panel boards.
  • Plug 'n' play installation (1 person)
  • EnstoNet Intro socket boxes with ready equipped Elwia installation plates were installed to the cable trays.
  • Special blue coupler version was created for controlled socket outlet circuits.
  • Plug and play socket boxes provide quick and easy expandability.
  • EnstoNet equipped linear luminaires from Philips were used
  • Factory installed EnstoNet cable sets in the luminaires provide connectivity without opening the fixtures
  • Prefabricated products keep installation neat and tidy and minimize dust build-up

The result

  • EnstoNet Plugi panel boards blend well to the interior of hyper market
  • Cable reduction caused by decentralization is clearly visible
  • Reserved outputs provide upgradeable system for the future
  • Circuit breakers are located near to the luminaires and socket outlets providing fast troubleshooting and easier maintenance even without reading circuit diagrams
  • Plug and play socket boxes are easy to move or expand when needed
  • Need is usually dictated by shop layout which changes over time
  • The result is spacious and attractive to the customers
  • No heavy dominating cable tray systems needed
  • Renovating time is reduced remarkably and can be done without disturbing the business
  • Ensto Plugi provides the future proof system!
  • Everything was ready well before deadline!
  • EnstoNet installation systems provide quality built-in!
  • Precise and timely made deliveries!
  • Great customer feedback! "All our hypermarkets will be done like this…"
  • The future is clear – EnstoNet Plugi concept!

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