Maximum flexibility

The Öpik House, LEED Gold, thirteen stories, is a 17,200 square-meter office showcase in the heart of Ülemiste City, Tallinn, Estonia’s IT district. With this property maximum flexibility was the name of the game.

“We can never predict when our company might centralize even more,” says a key tenant who recently occupied four floors of the new structure, all of them equipped with Ensto Workpoint poles. “And so we needed an extremely flexible workspace.”

The tenant’s offices are outfitted with a total of 150 Ensto Workpoint poles, a configuration which can serve up to 501 workers. The vast majority of posts enable four workspaces with six electrical outlets and two data ports per workspace.


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Office electrification system

Installation system products


1. Control units
2. Switch boxes
3. Distribution boxes
4. Socket outlet boxes
5. Distribution blocks
6. EnstoNet T-connectors with wires and cables
7. Installation couplers for T-connectors
8. EnstoNet lead sets


Workspace electrification system products

45x45 mm direct clipping socket boxes integrated in:

9.  Service poles
10. Mini posts
11. Floor boxes
12. Duct (PVC and aluminum)
13. Wall installations
14. Desktop

The EnstoNet installation system helps to reduce the carbon footprint in electrical installation

Example: electrical installation in a 1.600m² open-plan office

In this comparison, we looked at an office space with 88 work points. Lighting for the work points was realised as general lighting mounted on the ceiling, while sockets were fixed to four-sided service poles mounted on the floor. This analysis covers electric cabling for grouped fixtures in drop ceiling installations. The impact of the service poles’ and luminaires’ material was not taken into account in the calculation of the total carbon footprint. These calculations only apply as far as the factory gates. They do not include transport to the project site.
The comparison was carried out by commissioning two separate electrification solutions from an independent electrical designer. One of the designs applied a conventional electrification method with a central floor distribution board and circuits were distributed from it to the luminaries and work points. The other design utilized prefabricated cable sets and decentralized small panel boards distributed evenly to the office floor. These designs’ life cycle impacts were calculated by Bionova Oy ( in compliance with the ISO 14040/14044 standard. According to Bionova’s report, the EnstoNet system brings considerable environmental benefits.

Systems and solutions for office electrification