Hotel At Six: Fashionable and Future-proof

Stockholm’s biggest hotel investment to date is electrified with EnstoNet.

At Six is currently the most fashionable hotel in all of Sweden, if not Scandinavia.

Background music is soft lounge with a touch of soul. Barmaids wear backless outfits of black, and the clientele sport full-sleeve tattoos and converse in English in a dozen different accents about the deals they’re making abroad. All of this set in an interior created by London’s Universal Design Studios. And behind the scenes, helping power all of this modernity, is EnstoNet.

  • It's future-proof and smart installation!
  • You can easily
    • change room standards
    • it’s tidy
    • adaptable for layout changes and luminaire renovations.

Project information

  • Hotel At Six, Part of Urban Escape
    • 343 rooms, restaurant, bars & gym
  • Property Owner: AMF Fastigheter
  • Project contractor/installer (electricity): Sallén
  • Interior: Universal Design Studios, London
  • Opened in March 2017
  • Value: 63MEUR (together with sister hotel, Hobo)

EnstoNet plug-n-play benefits:

  • Savings in installation time
    • No need to strip cables with prefabricated cable sets
    • Colour coding ensures fast coupling
  • Flexibility – the same cable sets can be used in any changes, leaving no need to open up a fixture


“The property owner sets the requirement, and the main advantages benefit the installer, who saves installation time.” Consultant HåkanSvensson at ÅF Infrastructure

Shorter cabling time:

  • Resulting in 70% less construction time
  • 30% savings on total electrification costs, when product purchase and installation costs are factored in


Hotel's specifications originally called for traditional installation products, but the installer Sallén Elektriska switched to EnstoNet for savings.



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