Ensto Home – Solutions for home electrification

Now you can get a full range of compatible electrification solutions for residential electrical building from a well-known trusted supplier – with more than 50 years of experience.

Energy for life, electricity for your home – this is how we do it:

  • Sustainability – We design things to last.
  • Comfort – We put it in two words - easy and living.
  • Safety – We care so you can be carefree.


We bring heat, so you can enjoy.

Electrical heating is an easy, reliable, and flexible way to solve the heaing needs of a home. It doesn't require major investments or special technical facilities. When your home heating system needs updating, Ensto will find solutions that are easy to install. They help you manage and adjust the temperature of your home just to the level as you want, without wasting energy.

Heating products

Distribution boards

We design things to last.

Distribution boards are the foundation of a safe home, and electrical renovation always requires the modernization of the distribution board. The distribution board is the heart and nervous system in a home's electrical system and it takes care of the electrical contacts within the network. Ensto's wide range offers solutions for outdoor, measuring and group boards, which are suitable for all kinds of houses and blocks of flats.

Distribution boards (available only in Finnish)


Light when and where needed.

Enstos residential luminiare selection is extremely wide and designed to cover all professional needs in general lighting at home as well as in public premises. Ensto luminaires are easy and fast to install and they are on a top level when measured by light and efficacy. Ensto provides also a variety of movement detection possibilities, which makes our luminaires the most interesting in the market.

Lighting products

EV charging

Make your neighbourhood greener!

Our home charging family Chago eFill is a smart choice for fast home charging. The stylish and durable design is particularly suitable for simple home charging, when built-in over-current and residual current protection or link to backend systems are not needed. A separate charging plug holder can be installed to the wall.

EV charging products for home