Classroom electrification

Class rooms have an ever-increasing number of devices that need to be connected to the electricity network. At the same time, users’ needs with regard to the location of sockets change continuously, which adds another layer of difficulty to electrical design. To meet these challenges, we have developed a flexible installation solution, which adapts to the user’s needs in a cost-efficient manner.

Speed for your benefit

Fast-paced and dynamic business operations present ever-increasing challenges to modern building production. No time is wasted in putting decisions into action. Plan details take shape while construction work shifts along at a rapid pace. The intended use of the premises - and even the end users - may change in the final stretch, making flexible installation design a must. In modern work environments, electricity is required for most tasks. The EnstoNet installation system guarantees a safe and rapid power supply at varying voltages and in different modes.

Customer orientation is the mainstay of Ensto’s operations. This is evident in our solutions, created in collaboration with our customers to produce adaptable and easy-to-install electrical systems.

Our installation system’s benefits include:

  • easy duplication of modular plans
  • reductions in material costs and installation times
  • shorter lead times for electrification projects
  • flexibility to changes throughout the system’s life cycle
  • reusable installation components
  • environmentally friendly installation, without wastage

Systems and solutions for classroom electrification

Distribution boxes and Switch boxes

  • for distributing and extending circuits
  • for the realisation of control connections (wired or RF control)
  • design of customer-specific wiring connections is possible
  • an easy and safe way to realise complex circuit solutions
  • a wide range of mounting methods
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Service poles

Ensto’s service poles for socket outlets enable you to maximise the usability and adaptability of your premises. Our elegant, free-standing service poles can be placed in a location close to the user, eliminating the need to have bundles of cables on access routes. Our standard service pole selection includes a range of solutions for work areas, from the electrification of a single work point to islands with four work points.

  • Free-standing service poles
  • the standard selection includes drop down pole and 1-, 2- or 4-sided service poles with socket and data outlets
  • white paint and anodised aluminium as standard finishes
  • tested data transfer cables: Gigabit Ethernet/10-Gigabit Ethernet
  • the pole can be mounted on a concrete ceiling, cable shelf or plasterboard ceiling (requires an accessory)
  • a wall-mounted model is also available (1-sided)
  • customised special models available on request
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