Electromechanical components for industrial use

We are professionals with over 50 years’ experience in connecting technology and solutions for the electrical industry. You can rely on our components as they are certified against demanding industry standards to ensure high performance and quality of your operations. 

We support your operations with high-quality terminals, load-break switches, fuse bases, mounting boxes and fire protection junction boxes that are designed and tested to meet a wide range of applications in various environments.

We have sound experience of terminal solutions targeted at the OEM industries and panel builders.

Benefits of using our components

  • Reliable long-term partner
  • Experienced partner
  • Reliable and fast deliveries
  • Reliable, certified products
  • Products with a long lifetime

Customer-specific solutions

We have years of experience in customer-specific industrial terminals targeted at the OEM industries and demanding environments. Moreover, we are a reliable and flexible partner with technical expertise and an experienced design department.

In addition to the standard components, we offer customer-specific solutions. These include e.g. standard terminals customised with prints, and customer-specific labelling and solutions designed and developed on the basis of our customers’ needs. An example of these is the Ensto Clampo Pro three-pole terminal block specially designed for one of our drives industry customers and available today in our standard product range.

Our service offering also includes deliveries with special packaging and manufacturing of products for private labels.

Our special strengths include:

  • Years of experience in customer-specific terminal solutions
  • Experienced design department
  • Production and assembly, also in low cost countries (LCC)
  • Large selection of high-quality terminals for a global clientele.

Related services

Our service offering includes e.g.:

  • 3D modelling
  • Prototyping
  • Testing
  • Branding and labelling
  • Printing e.g. company logos, operating instructions and symbols
  • Manufacturing plastic parts from coloured plastic raw material
  • Certification handling and consultation
  • Manufacturing and assembly

Reference case

Customer-specific terminal solutions made for Vacon

Finnish company Vacon supplies low-voltage AC frequency converters in the range of 0.25 kW to 5 MW in both liquid-cooled and air-cooled ranges, with a global market share of 4%. These converters contain our Clampo Pro three-pole terminal blocks specially designed to meet the needs of Vacon and the drives industry.

Vacon's products are most often customisedsolutions. For system integrators and OEMs, Vacon offers all types of low-voltage AC drives, based on open and uniform technology.

The co-operation between Vacon and Ensto started in 2004. For both companies, energy-efficiency and sustainable development are an integral part of corporate strategy. The companies speak the same language, both in thought and in practice.

That both companies operate in several common locations, all over the world, naturally simplifies the co-operation processes, cuts down delivery times, and enables more direct communication.

Our industrial component product range includes