Workpoint electrification

Where to put the sockets? Anywhere.

Ensto Workpoint maximizes freedom and mobility while minimizing costs throughout the life-cycle of a property.

People and companies are in constant flux – changing, growing, reorganizing and moving in, out and within. All new tenants and users have their own special requirements that create unwelcome extra costs. Ensto Workpoint provides the solution. It makes the space attractive for a wider variety of users and maximizes practicality and value while minimizing costs during building, use and refurbishing.

Ensto Workpoint solution enables you to move electricity and data connections according to changing needs. The modular Workpoint socket poles, mini poles and socket modules fit every space and office type. When compared with traditional methods Workpoint is in a class of its own in speed and flexibility of installation. And full compatibility with the smart EnstoNet system raises efficiency to a new level. 

Ensto Workpoint service poles

Standalone service poles for changing needs

Easy solution – make winning designs with electricity and data moving to wherever they are needed.

The service poles stand on a solid base plate and are easy to move from place to place according to your needs. They can be fixed to the false ceiling, lighting rail, cable tray or concrete ceiling with a flexible tube and clamp.

The Ensto Workpoint solution works whether you are building new or refurbishing.

Find your perfect solution from the range covering over 50 models of prefabricated one- and two-sided aluminium socket poles. Colour options are white (RAL9010) and anodized aluminium. All materials are halogen-free

Ensto Workpoint mini posts

For spaces without visual obstacles

The short Mini posts can be installed invisibly and neatly under the desk of a meeting table. The posts come in two sizes, 630 mm and 360 mm. The post houses both normal and data sockets, while on top of the post there is a space reserved for the RJ45 data communication connectors. Connector cabling through in-floor tubing or directly through a raised floor. Screw connectors for connecting cables. You can hide the short two-sided aluminium mini posts under desks and meeting room tables.

Ensto Workpoint socket boxes

The easy, invisible desk solution.

Simple and flexible installation

Ensto socket boxes are an easy and cost-efficient way to provide electricity to office workspaces. The socket ox fixed to the desk keeps cables in a neat bunch and can be connected directly to the prefabricated EnstoNet installation system.

The socket box range includes appliances that have socket outlets for normal electricity and boxes housing both normal and data sockets. All socket boxes are made of either aluminium or PVC.

Workpoing socket boxes are also available with pre-installed RCCB.