Ensto Work

Solutions for non-residential electrification

Ensto provides flexible solutions for commercial electrification and building projects. All compatible solutions from the same trusted manufacturer - with more than 50 years of experience. 

Faster, more flexible and affordable electrification – this is how we do it:

  • User friendly, functional and energy-efficient total solutions
  • Stylish and durable design from Finland
  • Fast delivery and local customer service and support

Customized products

Ensto’s comprehensive off-the-shelf product offering provides solutions for most customer needs. However, sometimes the challenge at hand calls for customized products. We’re here to help.

  • Prefabricated leads
  • Control units
  • Distribution and connection boxes

Benefits of EnstoNet installation

Enabling easy connection and coupling, the EnstoNet components require only a fraction of the traditional on-site installation time.

  • Less on-site work
  • Good modifiability
  • Fast installation

Workpoint electrification

Where to put the sockets? Anywhere.

Ensto Workpoint maximizes freedom and mobility while minimizing costs throughout the life-cycle of a property.

Ensto Workpoint solution enables you to move electricity and data connections according to changing needs. The modular Workpoint socket poles, mini poles and socket modules fit every space and office type. When compared with traditional methods Workpoint is in a class of its own in speed and flexibility of installation. And full compatibility with the smart EnstoNet system raises efficiency to a new level. 

Ensto Workpoint products

Cabling systems

EnstoNet prefabricated cabling systems

The EnstoNet electricity distribution systems with fast installation have been developed in close cooperation with ourcustomers. 

  • Prefabricated cabling systems according to customer needs
  • Flexible and modifiable solutions for light fittings, socket groups and other devices
  • Control and functions for lighting, heating and ventilation
  • Easy adaption to the changing needs of the construction industry
Cabling system products

Expertise in cabin electrification

with EnstoNet

EnstoNet installation system is proved to be well applicable in electrical installations in serial production. Typical objects are e.g. ship cabins, hotel rooms and different emergency lodgings and temporary accommodation where complete elements are transported to their places as separate modules. The ship cabins complete with walls, ceilings, cables, lighting fixtures and interior details are assembled in a factory and the prefabricated cabin modules are placed aboard the ship and connected to the electrical network using EnstoNet couplers. The prefabricated coupling enables considerably faster electrical installation, both in the cabin production unit and on the ship

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Frost protection solutions

– for water and drain pipes as well as outdoor areas

Our frost protection system has been developed for the demanding climatic conditions of northern Europe. Frost protection ensures that passages and piping systems that are
important to a property are always kept functional and safe. The ease of use as well as the dependable operation of our products are also vital to us. The high quality of our products guarantees reliable performance for years to come.

Frost protection products