Heating cable mat

Típus EFHTM100.3
GTIN 6418677635397
Név Heating cable mat ThinMat
Heating cable mat 0,5x6m, 3m², 300W/230V, 100 W/m², thickness 4 mm. Cold lead 4m. Min installing temp -5°C. Earthed twin conductor cable.
Leírás Thinmat is a thin heating cable mat for dry and damp areas. Heating cable is fixed to a sticky glass fiber mesh. This makes the installation easy because the mat sticks well to floor surface, the cable spacing is automatically right and the floor temperature will be very constant. ThinMat must be installed on non-flammable surface inside levelling compound or similar. Floor surface can be ceramic tiles, parquet or laminate. Heating mat, aluminum tape and floor sensor tube are in the package.
Forgalmazó Ensto Building Systems Finland Oy
Brand ThinMat