Heater fixed

Típus TASO10.0
GTIN 6410081272533
Név Heater fixed Tupa
Taso slave heater 1000W/230V for fixed installation. Light color, RAL9002, IP20. 400x1370 mm
Leírás Slave heater of Tupa heaters series. It must be connected to a master heater with a thermostat and it controls all the heaters together. With this type of connection the surface temperatures of all heaters in a room are very even, the comfort is maximum and the total cost of the heaters is minimum. The max allowed power of master and slave heater together is 1900 W when Taso or Peta are masters, 2300W when Lista is master and 1400W when Roti is master heater.
Forgalmazó Ensto Building Systems Finland Oy
Brand Tupa