Frost protection thermostat

Típus ECO500
GTIN 6418677635830
Név Frost protection thermostat ECO
Frost protection thermostat 230V/16A/3600W. Range +2..+35°C. NTC-sensor 4m, 47kohm/25°C, extendable 50m/Cu1,5mm². Surface installation,no switch,IP65.
Leírás Thermostat is designed for frost protection of pipes and it can be assembled outdoors near because it is in a splash proof surface mounting box. There are membrane cable entries to ease the installation. Temperature sensor should be place in the opposite side of the pipe than the heating cable. Use always thermostat with frost protection cables Tash, Optiheat and Plug'n Heat to optimize the energy consumption and to maximize the life span of the self-regulating cables. Size 86x86x39mm, white.
Forgalmazó Ensto Building Systems Finland Oy
Brand ECO
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