UPR Series Plugs and Receptacles

Compact, lightweight, strong and corrosion resistant, Appleton's UPR Series plugs and receptacles are ideal for connecting power in the most demanding industrial locations. The same plug used in hazardous locations can also be safely used with interlocking non-hazardous location receptacles, simplifying the use of portable equipment throughout the facility. • Plugs and receptacles are used with portable or stationery electrical equipment such as: - Lighting systems - Conveyors - Heaters - Motor generators - Air conditioning equipment - Compressors - Pumps • For use in corrosive atmospheres and installations in Zone 1 and 2 and 21 and 22 of the oil and gas industry; such as: - Refineries - Chemical and petrochemical plants - Pipelines - Loading docks - Onshore and offshore drilling platforms