Appleton’s FDBAES Series LED provides emergency lighting in hazardous locations. These units are entirely self-contained in a flameproof enclosure, and include a built in automatic self-test system. Switched, unswitched, addressable switched and addressable unswitched versions are available. • Provides adequate lighting and/or visual indication of access on exit routes during an evacuation in a hazardous environment • Can be installed in hazardous areas designated as Zone 1-2 and 21-22 • Padlockable switch is available on switched models which individually cuts off power supply and remote control • All versions: - Can be maintained in hazardous areas as an internal switch cuts off battery supply automatically once the cover is unscrewed and opened - Charge indicator with 4 nos yellow LEDs (lifetime over 10 years) - Operates in any position - Automatic built-in self-test system (SATI) with memorization of tests indicated by LEDs