Kuumkahaneva jätkumuhvi lisatarvikute

Tüüp SBKP20
GTIN 6438100305093
Nimi Kuumkahaneva jätkumuhvi lisatarvikute
12 kV pap 3x35-70 mm²
Kirjeldus The additional diameter increasing kit is used together with a HJT33 or HJT31 type of transition joint kit, when a smaller belted paper insulated cable shall be jointed to a bigger XLPE insulated three core cable or three XLPE insulated single core cables. The additional kit can also be used to joint together two three core paper insulated cables smaller than the kit conductor size range would allow. In that case two additional kits with a HJP33 type of joint kit shall be used.The kit contains
Müüja Ensto Finland Oy
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