Meet our people

Ensto employs 1600 professionals in 20 countries. Meet some of them below and get a glimpse what it is like to work at Ensto.

Maarja Peet, Production Worker, Estonia

In summer 2004 I started working in Ensto as a summer trainee and soon the temporary contract became a permanent contract. In the beginning I worked four years as an assembler in the production. I was young in that time and wanted to look around and get different experiences, so I left Ensto 2008  and worked six years in another companies, mainly also as an assembler.

After my tour outside I returned to Ensto 2014 and continued as an assembler. Half a year later I applied for the Laser printer Operator position and I got the job!
In my work I adjust and program the laser printer according to the drawings, fit the programs and set the correct parameters. I also participate in the EOX (Ensto operational excellence) project with different kind of marking projects to get the laser printer more effective.

I'm also a Safety representative and from 2015 a member in Ensto Council, our global cooperation forum. Ensto is a great example to other companies because here employees and their families are valuable. We have modern working facilities, Ensto supports healthy lifestyle and sports with different kind of benefits and happenings – Ensto takes care of the personnel.

I like my work in Ensto because I have possibility to move forward according to my skills and knowledge. Tasks are always interesting and I can always learn something new. Also it's possible to develop and make a career inside the company.

Janne Lappalainen, Laboratory Manager, Finland

I work as a Laboratory Manager at the laboratory of the electricity network product unit. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical power engineering. My job description hasn’t changed since I started at Ensto in 2003, but my work tasks and responsibilities have changed and expanded.

I spend most of the day working with product development projects, in supervisor and development tasks. I try to support and help my team in their daily routines, so that they can concentrate on their own tasks. At the beginning, I found the role of a supervisor very challenging. I thought that it was difficult to take into account the individual characteristics and needs, but today I consider it an enriching challenge and a source of personal motivation. Excellent supervisor trainings and sparring have been very helpful. We have a very good community spirit in the office, and we also meet outside the work for sports activities, etc.

I like it that I can influence my work tasks and develop things further. Global activities provide opportunities to see places and meet new people.  Then again, one good thing in a Finnish family-owned business is that all major decisions are made in Finland.

Hannele Kenkkilä, Product Development Engineer, Finland

I’m Hannele Kenkkilä. I’ve been studying industrial design (Bachelor’s degree) and mechanical engineering (Master’s degree). My majors were product development and production technology. I’ve been working at Ensto full time almost two years but got familiar with Ensto almost 10 years ago.

My path to Ensto has included several steps. I have been trainee for two summers; first my range of responsibility was industrial design and after a couple of years in engineering studies, I worked as engineer and project manager in a summer project. After the latter trainee period, I stayed in Ensto as part-time worker beside last studies in university. I also did my Master thesis to Utility Networks. Nowadays I work at product development department with underground and overheadline solutions. I work both as a designer and as a project manager depending on projects.

My work week on the average includes good combination of office and hands-on working. I work by the computer while 3d modelling, simulating and also writing a lot of e-mails and reports. The other side of my work is proto-building and testing at the workshop. My work is quite international even though I do not travel much. At the moment I have few projects that include project members in three different countries and two different continents. It is both challenging and rewarding and keeps my English up to date.

Ensto spirit to me is easy-going atmosphere and people who are willing and able to help in any situation.

How does Ensto stand out from other workplaces?

For me the biggest differences are co-operation with UN laboratory which really help to develop quality products and for example making benchmarking instead of using outsourced laboratories. Also the fact that factory is behind the wall, easies development work.

For me my team and other co-workers make Ensto the best workplace. We have quite heterogenic team what comes to education background and career histories. This means that we have experts in many fields close to us and everybody can learn new things almost daily. Ensto has also quite active hobby clubs and other employee benefits. Also education is highly supported so you can enhance your professional skills all the time.
Professionally I hope to get to know the product range I’m working with. I also hope to get to work in interesting and challenging projects and increase my professionalism.

Kenneth Väkeväinen, Technical Manager, Finland

I started my career at Ensto as a summer trainee in the network construction unit’s laboratory in June 2009. At that time, I was studying electrical engineering at the Arcada University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki.  After the summer, I was offered the possibility to carry out my thesis work at the network construction unit’s product development department on medium-voltage underground cables. At the same time, I continued to work part-time in the laboratory. At the end of 2010, I received my Bachelor of Engineering degree, and continued to work with Ensto as a Laboratory Engineer.

Due to my increasing interest and expertise in electricity networks and high voltage testing, I decided to continue my studies alongside work. In the autumn of 2011, I began studies in the field of electrical systems at Otaniemi, and received my Master of Science degree at the end of 2015. After the studies, I left my work as Laboratory Engineer and started at the product management department as the Technical Manager responsible for underground network products.

In my current position, I carry out a lot of cooperation with the product development and laboratory, and there’s plenty of work to do. However, this does not bother me because we have a great community spirit at the network-construction department. I’m sure I still have a great deal to learn, but after my studies, I would like to concentrate on doing the job and increasing my knowhow with regards to my new work tasks.

My tip to young people interested in electrical engineering is this: a basic degree from a vocational school provides a good base of practical skills and educational background for obtaining further electrical qualifications, for example. I myself come from that background, and have then studied further up to the M.Sc. degree.

You should keep an open mind when looking for work. My image of Ensto, for example, was totally different from what the company actually is like. Ensto is generally known as a company providing building services engineering solutions, but there is work to be done in other fields too. A summer job is a good opportunity to show your employer that you can get along with different kinds of people and that your attitude toward working is what it should be. Ensto is a good place to work with chances to grow professionally, provided that that is what you want. We are like a small family that works together, and you can even spend time with your colleagues outside work, if you wish.

Katarina Von Wehrt, Summer Trainee, Finland

It was back in the summer of 2014 that I first joined Ensto as a summer trainee, and currently, I am spending my third summer with the company. I have spent every summer working for the Finnish customer service team, dealing with orders, customer inquiries and customer care over the phone, among other things. I have studied English and international politics at the University of Glasgow, in Scotland, but am currently taking a year off from my studies to apply to business school in Finland.

I originally applied for a summer job at Ensto after hearing from a family friend that Ensto was looking for a summer trainee for their customer service team. Having always enjoyed customer care related tasks, I immediately got excited and applied for the job. Ensto is different from my previous employers because of the great atmosphere there is at work; and year after year I have enjoyed seeing how warmly summer trainees are welcomed and how nice the general work environment is.

Ensto has been a great employer during all these summers, and I really hope to get a summer job also in the future, whether it is in the safe and familiar environment of customer service or immersed in entirely new challenges. Currently, my most important goal is to get accepted into business school. Where I end up after, is something I cannot know yet, but nevertheless, I will always remember the valuable lessons I got thanks to Ensto and its employees during these summers.

David Hinaux, Project Manager, France

I was born in the northern part of France, in Rheims, which is famous for its Champagne. Interested in mathematics and technical fields, I attended an Electrical Engineering school in Grenoble, the capital city of the Alps (it was also the best way to learn skiing!). Just after graduation, I joined Novexia's R&D Department as a Product Manager, and I have been working in the company for 10 years now. Many things have changed in the last years, especially when Novexia joined the Ensto Group in 2010. In October 2012, I was promoted to Manager of the “Electrical Engineering Support Activity” department. My mission consists in providing technical support for our ranges of products (overhead switches, circuit-breakers, panel boards, etc.) to all other departments of Ensto Novexia in Villefranche-sur-Saône.

  • This involves a lot of daily challenges:
  • develop and adapt our current products in the technical department
  • write and maintain technical documentations for ERDF
  • handle issues from the production assembling lines or deviations in incoming goods inspection
  • support our purchasers and approve parts from new suppliers provide technical expertise to the sales teams: handle customer questions, fulfil technical offers, follow customer end-products acceptances and tests
  • help our quality department and after-sales department in case of quality issues, audits, or investigations in case of litigations
  • perform technical trainings and products presentations

Another main part of my job is to manage, adapt and promote products from other Ensto factories, in order to push them onto the French market. Communication with ERDF, technical negotiations, products adaptations, relationship with external laboratories for testing, and creation of technical documentation are under my responsibility. Our first success in that field was reached at the end of 2013 when the SLIW range of Insulation Piercing Connectors was qualified by ERDF. Today, we are working on Tension Clamps and Cold Shrink Terminations; and approvals expected for next year!

Working in Ensto Novexia today, brings another dimension to my daily work, with the development of other products and accessories for electrical networks, but also through international exchanges, opportunities to discover and share with foreign people. This is a good opportunity to open my mind to other ways of working and thinking, and improve my English of course!

From my point of view, it's important to have trust and friendly relationships between colleagues, at work and after work! It's fully achieved within the Ensto group with all the persons I have met! I can also get in touch with them on HeiaHeia, a sports-related social networking website and wellness motivator, which is very lively within Ensto!