Ensto's Sustaibable Packaging

Ensto wants to reduce the environmental impact of its packages and help customers make more sustainable choices. That's why we have designed more ecological packaging for our products.

We use as much recyclable materials as possible in our packages, such as brown corrugated board. We have also reduced the number of colors used in packaging printing, and we prefer more environmentally friendly packaging methods to reduce the amount of packaging materials. In addition to environmental values, Ensto's both business and retail customers have been taken into account in packaging design. Packages are easy to store, identify and use. Their design is simple and it follows Ensto's visual identity.

Eco-friendly Packages

We aim for simplicity. Our goal is to design and use packaging that is easy to identify and easy to use. And most importantly: Extremely easy to recycle.
Our eco-friendly thinking starts from the package design:

  • We prefer to use FSC or PEFC certified packaging materials
  • We have reduced the number of colors used in packaging printing, and thus less ink and less water is needed for production
  • We use eco-friendly colors
  • We use recyclable materials 
  • We use optimized packaging methods
  • We don't use glossy top liners, since they require an additional layer of varnish to be used
  • We also make sure that all the filling materials inside the packages, as well as tapes, are eco-friendly

Brownies and Blueys

Brown packages, i.e. "brownies", are the eco-friendliest choice since they only require one color to print and the amount of the printing color is moderate. In addition, the brown cardboard is less processed than the white topliner version. Brown cardboard is also the best material for recycling. More than 75 % of our packages are brown.

The quantity of consumer boxes, "blueys", required has been significantly decreased. At the moment approximately 25 % of our packages are blue. For consumer boxes, Ensto has undertaken a huge optimization process, with box structure and opening mechanisms reconsidered in order to maximize savings of plywood used for carton manufacturing.

New boxes are clearly labeled with a photo or product illustration so everyone knows what’s inside, and the Ensto brand is crystal clear to everyone who encounters the package.

One Package at a Time

The reform is of great importance since we supply about 20,000 different products annually, and as a first step, we are renewing our cardboard packaging line. The new, more ecological packaging have been taken into use gradually since spring 2018. The work is ongoing and further on we’ll extend the project to include all our packaging.

Let’s build a more sustainable tomorrow – one package at a time.

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