Ensto's customized enclosing solutions for the telecommunications industry

Telecommunication has a significant social, cultural and economic impact on modern society. Companies have used telecommunications to help build global business empires and there has been suggested a causal link between good telecommunication infrastructure and economic growth.

A tailor-made project with extensive testing

Ensto's customer was seeking a solution for protection of sensitive electronics in outdoor use. The customer's problem was also that despite extensive search, they hadn't found any existing products from the markets which included all the needed features cost-efficiently.

The tailor-made process started with the customer delivering the requirement specification to Ensto. Ensto then made a feasibility study and delivered prototypes in plastics. After the study, a thermoplastic solution was selected because of the relatively high volumes and significant cost-savings.

Ensto's project included feasibility studies, customized product design, prototyping, participation in R&D and qualification testing. The solution had to go through segment specific and very challenging ingress protection tests. Tool design and tool manufacturing was also performed before the mass production could be started.

Customer in focus

Ensto takes pride in fulfilling all the customer's requirements and needs, and therefore a satisfied customer is Ensto's ultimate goal. One of the key success factors with the telecommunications project was that a modular product was provided that could also be used in other applications. Furthermore, the customer's existing technical problems were solved with significant cost-saving and Ensto was able to be flexible in production volumes.

Ensto looks forward to helping customers solve their problems, doing business in the telecommunications industry and being part of digital communications networks.

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