Fuse base and connector kit

Code LCK5-16-10A
GTIN 6438100310646
Name Fuse base and connector kit
LFB16-10A-R and SV15.5 (Al 10-35 / Cu 1.5-25)
Description LCK5-16-10A includes four phase connectors KE10.1, one neutral connector KE10.3 and one fuse base LFB16-10A-R. Neutral connector KE10.3 is equipped with 16 mm² earth wire length of 0.35 m with a cable lug on the other end. 10 A fuse is included in LFB16-10A-R. KE10.1 & KE10.3 connectors are suitable for cables 10-35 mm² Al or 1.5-25 mm² Cu.
Vendor Ensto Finland Oy
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