Towards greener and more environmentally friendly trains

In accordance with the Indian Railways ‘Solar Mission’ to reduce dependency on fossil fuels, Railways launched its first solar-powered DEMU (Diesel Electric Multiple Unit) train. The train has a power back-up system and the complete lighting load can run on battery for at least 72 hours. This is the first instance of a diesel-run passenger train fitted with a solar rooftop system with a battery backup.


The project will help offset carbon emissions by 9 tons per coach per year, and also save about 21,000 litres of diesel fuel. The train will travel from Delhi's Sarai Rohilla to Farukhnagar Junction in Haryana. It will replace an existing non-solar powered rake on the same route. The train has six trailer coaches, with 16 solar panels fitted in each of them. The entire electrical need, which includes lights, fans and information display system, will be met by the energy produced by the solar panels fitted. Indian Railways plans to stretch this project to different routes as well in the future.


The train moves continuously for 20 hours a day, under conditions that include extreme humidity, heat and cold weather. To ensure proper operation of the train's equipment, the installed technology must be protected against dirt, dust, moisture and UV rays. Ensto Cubo enclosures meet all these requirements. Ensto supplied Ensto Cubo O thermoplastic enclosures to our customer Vrinda Nano Technology for this project. The enclosure is being used for housing overvoltage and surge protection, switching and conduction equipment of the solar panels. The Ensto Cubo enclosures ensure the safe and secure use of equipment.



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