Rugged non-metallic enclosure series for challenging conditions

UL listed Ensto Cubo N cabinets are made of fiberglass and are extremely durable. They can replace stainless steel enclosures in challenging conditions. The cost-effective polyesterenclosing solution used is UV-resistant, selfextinguishing and halogen-free. The cabinets can be used in various environments and application areas such as maritime, metering and control, renewable energies as well as water and waste water treatment.

Maritime – The cabinets are corrosion-resistant and do not absorb water. Ensto Cubo N does not require any finishing or maintenance. It is self-extinguishing, and it does not support combustion.

Metering and control – Ensto Cubo N allows fast and easy fitting of, for example, remotelyread electricity meters. This cabinet can sustain impacts of up to 20 joules as it has a high impact-rating, IK10. The wall cabinets are also extremely durable.

Renewable energies – The fiberglass-reinforced polyester cabinet is resistant to outdoor environments: it is resistant to changes in climate and has high UV-resistance. An integrated protective edge prevents entry of water when opening the door.

Water and waste water treatment – Ensto Cubo N cabinets are corrosion and chemical resistant with a high IP 66 code. The cabinets are easy to handle and install.


  • Ideal for outdoor use:
    • UV resistant
    • Superb temperature resistance
    • Built-in rain shelter
    • Corrosion-resistant
    • Do not absorb water
  • Chemical resistant
  • High impact-rating, IK10
  • Self-extinguishing
  • Double isolation provides excellent protection against electrical contacts

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