Ensto builds a more sustainable tomorrow one package at a time

New packages have more recycled fiber and fewer colors and packaging materials used.

Ensto wants to reduce the environmental impact of its packages and help customers make more sustainable choices. That's why we have designed new, more ecological packaging for our products.

We use as much recyclable materials as possible in our packages, such as brown corrugated board. We have also reduced the number of colors used in packaging printing, and we prefer more environmentally friendly packaging methods to reduce the amount of packaging materials. In addition to environmental values, Ensto's both business and retail customers have been taken into account in packaging design. Packages are easy to store, identify and use. Their design is simple and it follows Ensto's new visual identity.

The reform is of great importance since we supply about 20,000 different products annually. We will introduce new, more ecological packaging gradually starting in spring 2018.

Let’s take part in building a more sustainable tomorrow – one package at a time.

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Pia Hänninen
Director, Marketing and Communications