Sustainable and Innovative Solutions

We provide reliable and smart electrical solutions and expertise

We provide our customers smart and safe solutions with low environmental impact and minimum life cycle energy demand. We utilize smart technology and digital means to support our customers in reducing energy consumption. We consider durability and long lifetime as key features of our products and solutions. We prioritize recyclable and durable materials to ensure the longevity of our products. We put a great emphasis on easy and fast installation process in order to minimize the amount of excessive material or waste generated.

Key Focus Areas

Sustainability with long lasting products

Durability and long lifetime are the key features of our products and solutions.  We put lot of effort on product design, testing and measuring and selecting strong materials to make our product last long. We make sure that our products fulfill the highest requirements and that they can stand severe nature conditions (frost, humid, UV) when needed.  

To ensure that a product has a long lifetime it needs to be used and installed properly. Therefore, our products are always designed so that the installation is easy and usability is customer friendly. We also organize installation trainings for our DSO customers to support the high quality of work.

A great example of our long lasting products is the corrosion-proof Ensto SLIW connector, which is easy to install and is designed to last for decades even in the most demanding circumstances.

Sustainability with innovative solutions

Innovative solutions make our lives easier and help us to save energy and resources. They are climate-friendly and support sustainable urban development. At Ensto we have concentrated on designing and producing solutions and services for smart grids and smart buildings.

For us innovative solutions mean solutions that improve quality of life and support our customers in sustainability. Our innovative products and solutions gather data, learn and help to make the life of the user easier. Great examples of our innovative products are our Ecodesigned Smart Thermostat and Ensto Work spaces.

All Ensto's panel heaters and floor heating thermostats are updated with smart electronic thermostat which can easily be controlled by a mobile device. These solutions fulfill the Ecodesign reguirements.

Ensto Workspaces is a new way of controlling light. The solution transforms light into a personal and positive experience. That means that work environment adapts to the habits and preferences of the people.

Sustainability with electrification in traffic

At Ensto we believe that electric vehicles are the best way to cut down the CO2 emission of traffic.  To support the electrification of traffic more charging points and smart charging energy management solutions are needed. As electric solution provider for smart transportation, Ensto wants to be a part of this development and create possibilities for EVs to become more of a standard than exception.

We design and produce smart ways to charge electric vehicles. Read more about our newest charging solutions Ensto One Home.