People First

We truly care for our people.

At Ensto we see our employees as the greatest asset of the company. As a family business, we value the dedication, motivation, and spirit that Ensto people demonstrate in their daily work. We believe that satisfied, happy and professional employees serve our customers best.

We val­ue diversity, openness and competence of our people and meaningful work. We treat each other with re­spect and welcome new employees warmly to the Ensto family. We truly care for our people and, together with our employees, take responsibility for their well-being. We do our utmost to provide a safe and rewarding working environment and offer a high-quality occupational health care.

We want to be an attractive employer for both current and potential employees.

We consider close collaboration, based on trust capital, creativity and winning together, with our customers, suppliers, students, and the local communities, as integral part of putting People First.

Key Focus Areas

Ensto Personnel – Diversity as a Strength

We believe that engaged and skilled personnel are the key to success. We see diversity as a strength that helps us attract the most talented and motivated people. It is our duty to offer people a working environment where every individual’s contribution and participation is appreciated, rewarded and encouraged.

We are ca. 1,400 passionate professionals in altogether 19 countries in Europe, the USA and Asia. The majority of our employees are located in Estonia (33%), Finland (22%) and France (19%).

Working with Our Employees to Make Ensto a Better Place to Work

One of the tools in caring for the wellbeing of our employees is the employee experience survey. At Ensto we believe that employees give their best when the things that are meaningful to them are taken good care of in the workplace. Our employee surveys help us to gather valuable information about our employees’ opinions and what are the most important things for our people. The survey gives us a tool to develop our activities and identify practices that will make Ensto a better place to work. 

Employee Well-being

At Ensto we believe that satisfied, happy and healthy employees are more productive and lead to satisfied customers. Well-being at work is a set of preventive, comprehensive and systematic actions where everyone in the organization is involved. 

Ensto supports employees in this by providing different tools and possibilities to maintain and develop own skills and competences needed in one's daily work, to participate in developing one's own work, and in other development projects. 

Continuous Improvement Towards Zero Accidents

The health and safety of our employees is very important to us. We aim at zero accidents and are constantly developing our safety procedures in order to achieve our goal of becoming an accident-free workplace.

We continuously develop our processes and methods to improve health and safety conditions of our employees. The main development methods are Safety War Room practice in our factories, internal audits, external audits, health and safety walks and risk mappings. We also provide our employees with regular safety trainings.

Competence Management

One of the focus areas in our People First theme is to attract, develop and retain the best people. Long-term competence management plays a key role is this work and we strive to have the right competencies in each positions.

Ensto personnel are top professionals in their field. To be able to achieve and maintain that position, each employee has a regular development discussion with his or her managers at least once a year. Ensto also offers its personnel high-quality trainings in work related areas. In addition, we deploy other development methods such as involvement to projects, rotation etc.

Cultivating Innovative Working Environment

At Ensto, we want to cultivate workplace creativity. We encourage our employees to share their ideas and thoughts on how we could work more efficiently, safely and more enrironmentally friendly, how we can serve our customers better and what kind of new solutions would benefit our customers.