High Ethical Standards and Sustainability

We are committed to responsibility of our actions

Our culture of continuous improvement is based on sustainable, effective and efficient manufacturing.  We are constantly working to minimize negative environmental impacts of our operations, minimizing both the resources used and the waste created. We are also utilizing possibilities of circular economy. We focus on efficient and agile delivery capability and keep our promises to customer.

We are focusing on providing customers the best possible products at the best possible prices, quality levels and delivery times. Lean does this by focusing on finding and removing waste.  

We are constantly striving for world-class manufacturing in our factories.

Key Focus Areas

Rising Environmental Awareness

Training and knowledge sharing play crucial roles when rising awareness of environmental challenges and risks, with the awareness and understanding starts caring. It is shaping the attitudes and behaviors that can make a difference. When you learn that even the small everyday choices can have a big impact on the environment, then you are on the right road.

Labor Principles

At Ensto, we do not tolerate any violation of human rights or labor laws in any part of our supply chain. We follow the ILO (International Labor Organization) minimum age limits for employment and local laws when being stricter than ILO. We also expect our supplier to follow these principles, which has been stated in our Supplier Code of Conduct.

We do not use any form of forced labor and expect the same from our business partners. Salaries paid by Ensto are based on individual contracts and/or local collective agreements (if available). We expect our suppliers to follow the local regulations of the minimum wages.