Sustainability at Ensto

Contributing to build more sustainable world. With electricity.

Better life with electricity. Sustainably.

Our purpose is based on sustainability, and therefore it is vital for us to be on the forefront in sustainability issues within our industry. We do our utmost to run our business ethically through the entire value chain. Sustainability and ethical conduct of business is our strength and embedded in our DNA. We value human rights, equality, healthy and safe working conditions and expect our suppliers and partners to respect our values and policies when engaging in business activities with us.

We constantly seek ways to reduce our energy consumption and operate more efficiently. We contribute to building a better society with electricity by providing smart solutions and services, improving energy efficiency and focusing on sustainable development. To accomplish this, we produce trusted and innovative products and solutions that have a long lifetime and a low environmental impact over their life cycle.

Our Sustainability Themes

Our sustainability framework follows Ensto's business strategy. We have defined four sustainability themes by focusing on our main stakeholders' needs and requirements. These focus areas are put into practice through concrete action plans that are followed at all levels of the organization.

Sustainability Themes

People First

The target of People First is to attract, develop and retain the best talents. This is done by offering equal opportunities and training to our employees, investing in wellbeing and work satisfaction. We also want to ensure healthy and safe working conditions for our employees.

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Sustainable and Innovative Solutions

Sustainable and Innovative Solutions concentrates on supporting customers in sustainability by creating innovative and safe solutions with low environmental impact. We seek ways to reduce energy consumption of our products with smart technology. We are embedding sustainability into internal processes by managing product lifecycle and product portfolio effectively to minimize excess waste. ​

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Responsible Operations and Supply Chain

Within the theme Responsible Operations and Supply Chain we assess and reduce the environmental impacts of our own operations and supply chain. We constantly try to find ways to save resources and minimize energy and water usage. We put a lot of effort to ensure high quality, safe and energy efficient production methods. We are committed to improving the sustainability of our Procurement.​

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High Ethical Standards and Sustainability​

In High Ethical Standards and Sustainability we want to lead by example and do our utmost to do business sustainably. Ensto is a signatory of UN Global Compactand we are committed to its 10 principles. We honor human and labor rights and want to make sure that our suppliers and their suppliers do as well. We have zero tolerance towards corruption. This theme also aims at raising the environmental awareness of our employees and other stakeholders.

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Sustainability Reports