Lamp post fuse base 6A

Code LFB16.1-06A-R
GTIN 6438100320966
Name Lamp post fuse base 6A
Fuse size restricted to max. 16 A, includes a 6 A fuse, 10 mm² wire
Description LFB16-R fuse base is equipped with 10 mm² Cu cable as a feeder. Cable from lamp to fuse base can be between 1.5-6 mm² Cu. Max. fuse size is 16A. Includes 6A fuse.


  • Saves space, time and installation effort
  • Simple twist and pull fuse-mechanism
  • Plastic, totally insulated cover - no need for backplate earthing
  • Holder at the back - Possibility to attach multiple fuse bases on top of each other.