Air break switch

Code NX2002539
GTIN 03700540400076
Name Air break switch
IA1CM 24kV 50A (200A) 25kA TST RP5 Bird Protection
Description Overhead switch IA1CM is installed at the end of the line in a structured MV three-phases 24 kV networks, enables a group of stations to be isolated, so that live line work can be carried out downstream.
Vendor Ensto Novexia SAS


  • Three-phase Switch with Air Break technology (whip device)

  • Tempered glass insulators

  • Hot-dip galvanized steel structure (high resistance to corrosion)

  • Abrupt spring closing device, trumbler type, making the operation independent of the operator

  • Manual control, height-adjustable linkage

  • Optional :

    • Rated current 200A or 400A

    • Connection by cylindrical aluminum pins (diameter 25mm) for TST (Live Working)

    • Avifauna protection

    • Accessories fixing to the pole by clamping or strapping 50mm stainless steel

  • Consult us to define your needs (options, packaging, etc.)