Air break switch

Code NX2001151
GTIN 3700540412642
Name Air break switch
IA2CM 36kV 400A 80A 25kA F2T0E2
Description Overhead switch IA2CM is installed at the end of the line in a structured MV three-phases 36 kV networks, enables a group of stations to be isolated, so that live line work can be carried out downstream
Vendor Ensto Novexia SAS


  • Three-phase Switch with Air Break technology (whip device)

  • Ceramic insulators

  • Hot-dip galvanized steel structure (high resistance to corrosion)

  • Abrupt spring closing device, trumbler type, making the operation independent of the operator

  • Manual control, height-adjustable linkage

  • Optional :

    • connection by cylindrical aluminum pins (diameter 25mm) for TST (Live Working)

  • Consult us to define your needs (options, packaging, etc.)