Fault Passage Indicator

Code NX2009362
GTIN 3700540434255
Name Fault Passage Indicator
LYNX 3400 20kV directional fault detector for underground MV networks
Description LYNX 3400 20kV is an directional fault detector for underground MV 20 kV networks
Vendor Ensto Novexia SAS


  •  Compact box bringing amperometric and directionnal protection
  • The LYNX 3400 is composed with a box, and external indicator light, 3 opening core sensors that are placed on the cables of the line being monitored and 3 PPACS-type voltage sensors
  • The fault indication is displayed on the case and repeated outside, by the two-colour indicator light.
  • LYNX3400 20kV is adapted to 20kV Electrical network