Distribution Panelboard

Code NX2004968
GTIN 03700540433951
Name Distribution Panelboard
TR5-1200I panelboard ACG wiring
Description TUR panelboards protect and dispatch LV distribution network in MV / LV substations, just behind the 630 kVA transformer. TUR panelboards include a LV tetrapolar Load Break Switch with visible break, interchangeable 400A Outgoing Feeders with distributed neutral, these feeders are equipped with 3 fuses (operable under voltage) and a rotary link to disconnect the Neutral.
Vendor Ensto Novexia SAS


  • When the Switch is closed, a spark gap limits the rise in potential of the LV neutral from the earth, for a value exceeding 10 kV
  • When the Switch is open, an electrical connection is done between the neutral of the transformer and the ground
  • Optional :
    • Public Lighting protection (ACG)
    • Substation Lighting protection (EP)
    • Full blade fuses size T2, HN or IEC, type 125 A to 400 A
    • Reservation Panel to replace a TUR feeder
    • Lockout, short-circuit and test Panel, in particular allowing the lockout of a feeder during an intervention
  • Contact us to define your needs (number of feeders, option, packaging for shipment, etc.)