Distribution Panelboard

Code NX2009030
GTIN 3700540433098
Name Distribution Panelboard
LV IP2X Distribution Panelboard TIPI Outgoing Feeder
Description TIPI outgoing feeders are pluggled on TIPI panelboards TIPI outgoing feeders are with Neutral distribution, they are interchangeable, equipped with 3 fuses (operable under live line), Neutral is sectionnalizable by a specific neutral bar (not included on TIPI feeder).
Vendor Ensto Novexia SAS


  • IP2X protection
  • Downstream wiring of stripped cables (50-240mm²) by screwed connectors with shear-head screws (break when adequate torque is applied)
  • Measurement and check for voltage lack (VAT)
  • Contact us to define your needs (number of feeders, option, packaging for shipment, etc.)