Switch Disconnector

Code NXS420002
GTIN 03700540433722
Name Switch Disconnector
LBS 36kV 630A CTE12 TR TT SF 3I CpT
Description Overhead Load Break Switch remote controlled installed on MV three-phases 36kV networks, it will isolate automatically a faulty part of a network and thus allows to re-energize all the remaining healthy network.
Vendor Ensto Novexia SAS


• Opening and closing under severe weather conditions
• Two equipment in one, a load break switch and a disconnector
• Easy installation on poles thanks to its high level of integration (MV transformer embedded in the SF6 chamber)
• Rescue manual command by a telescopic adjustable linkage or by a 3 positions hook stick command
• Maintenance free
• Consult us to define your needs (options, packaging, etc.)

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